2019 Passes

You can only purchase one pass at a time. If you add a new pass to the cart after you’ve already added one, the original will be replaced by the new one!

2019 Contests

Contest Purchase Note

Contests can be purchased as an add-on to any full weekend or dance pass. To purchase a contest entry, you must either purchase it at the same time as you purchase your pass, or you must create an account at checkout in order to come back and purchase a contest entry later. If you do not either purchase a contest with your pass or create an account during checkout, you will not be able to purchase a contest entry later!

Couples Contest Note

Only purchase one contest entry per couple.

Single Dance Passes

If you would like to purchase a pass to a single dance, they’re available now! A dance pass is a more cost-effective way to go to multiple dances, but if you can only make it out for one night, we’d still love to have you!